Research activities

Research in GCOE is a core activity integrated with Learning & Teaching and Knowledge Transfer. Research activities improves the quality of education for all students and faculty. The research leaders are academicians whose role is a combination of Teaching, Research and Knowledge Transfer. There are no restrictions on the type of research carried out.
The GCOE’s GPU cluster is provided at no charge for academic and research community’s access for test running their codes/projects on GPU. Currently there are 200 active users with 70% of the users from outside of IIT Bombay campus, from colleges and research organizations across the country.

Highlights of research work done by the PI, Co­PIs and the research community of GCOE:

● In the field of Optimization techniques, 5 projects are being carried out and 3 publications have been achieved. Also, a library for Bernstein approach to polynomial global optimization is being developed.

● Specifically, Robust Control Design with Parallel Quantitative Feedback Theory using GPGPU with one poster publication at GTC 2016.

● Simulation of electrical circuits using GPGPUs has been explored thoroughly with 3 projects, 2 publications and 1 Master's thesis.

● 3 Projects have been initiated in the field of Image Processing, resulting into 2 publications and 1 Master’s Thesis.

● 2 doctoral projects and 1 research project are underway while 1 Master’s thesis in the field of Geo­spatial processing have been published.

● 2 projects on Autonomous vehicles and one on remote data sensing are being pursued using the Jetson TK1